Core Values

Virtues, Attitude and Behavior     



This is a reflection of who and what we are an individual. it goes to the gut of our character of having moral uprightness and moral conviction, qualities that define as an institution and as a people. We are honest, we are fair, we are just, and we will do right by everybody at all times.



This shows how much we value people. We can feel what they feel and we can treat each one with caring and understanding regardless of any situation. This is our way of displaying sympathetic concern for others.



While acknowledging the current strides that we are making this is our realization that there can always be a better way. We continuously introduce creative change in something established not for the sake change itself, but with the purpose of constantly improving and being responsive to the times.



This a representation of how we view our function as well as the day-to-day tasks that we are assigned to do. We are diligent and we show conscientiousness in undertaking the responsibilities that we have. We simply work hard and know how to manage our time, effort, and resources.



This is another manifestation of how we treat other people and situations as well. We show deep admiration for someone because of who he is, what has he achieved, and what he can do. We likewise value something because of its quality or nature and its general importance and impact to society.



This is an evidence of the strength of our character. As with the recognized Filipino trait, we recover quickly from difficulties or hardships. We are not easily discouraged by trials and tribulations, but we know how to roll with the punches and spring back into action.



As our name suggests, nationalism is rightfully at the center of our institution and community. We display undying and devoted love for our country and everything that it stands for. We are committed to defending its pride and honor and ensuring that its image is always dignified.